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♚ 01. How dare they!


He couldn’t tell whether that pout was cute, or just amusing. Maybe it was both. Nah, more on the amusing side; it made Aoi want to laugh more. Instead, the smile that clearly showed his amusement returned to his face as he waited for the boy to respond to him. Needed to collect his thoughts, maybe?

If you’re human, you are surely a peasant.”

“Then what does that make you? You’re human, too. Heh, the more you speak the more it sounds like you’re being hypocritical, actual—” Noble? In this place? He stopped speaking, frowning in annoyance as the other went on about rank and respect and all that stuff Aoi would normally shrink away from. He wasn’t important. His family was one of the most influential families in the world, but himself? He was only good enough to run a date club and escape school punishment because of the amount of money his family poured into it. He was of no actual noble status. He was alive to die, after all. A living sacrifice. Something like that would never hold any power.

He didn’t bother saying anything about his rank, and skipped right to answering his question. “I was laughing because it was funny. I’m not exactly a peasant no matter what you describe it as. And the fact you’d think I’ll apologize was also amusing. ~ I don’t care about your family.”

As the other leaned away when he leaned closer, he chuckled. Even the other’s response was enough to keep Aoi entertained. As he mulled over his words while he hummed to himself, he found the many loop holes in the other’s theory; and would have fun calling them out. “And how do you know your family’s blood is of any importance here? This place doesn’t look like Japan. I doubt they have the same customs. They probably don’t even care about royalty. We’re all the same.” .. Well, it felt weird to say that. But the fact they were all part of some social experiment meant they all were similar, in the sense they were left if no money, one set of clothes and no usable weapon. If he could say anything about it, then he would say they all started out equal.

Aoi straightened up, letting out another laugh as he did so. “Form? What form? You’ve only got one, unless you’re playing some stupid trick on me. And if that’s the case, I won’t fall for it.” He was beginning to think the entire thing was a joke. Maybe the other wasn’t noble at all. Maybe he was acting, and if that’s what it was then he’d be even more annoyed because it would be like having another Daria around. Great, that’s something he’d definitely want here.

At the implication that he was human, Sakuya’s brow furrowed further. What nerve this boy had! Sure, the pigeon appeared human currently, but did this form not exemplify his true noble heritage? The Le Bels had always been pigeons and they had always been powerful. Their power dated back to the early days of the first pigeon revolutions. Humans had been wiped out, almost completely. Of course, that was clearly not the case in this city, but still no sane creature would wish to be a human! They were so weak and frail, without wings to enable them to fly. No feathers, either. If the aristocrat weren’t afraid of perhaps getting hurt by ignorant humans when in his pigeon form, he would not have chosen to look this way. He much preferred his familiar fantail appearance.

This boy knew absolutely nothing and it made him furious! So rude, so very rude. Even thinking about himself actually being a human caused him to recoil in disgust. It was clear that Sakuya needed to prove himself and show this boy his place. The noble bird gestured his arms angrily, stomping his foot to make a point.

"How could you suppose such a terrible accusation? Filthy peasant, I am far from human and if you were not such an imbecile you may have possibly been able to notice that. I am a pigeon, of course. To be exact, I am a fantail dove. Clearly superior to any human, commoner or king. Humans control nothing, you realize, and as such, they are nothing. At least compared to pigeons, that is."

Oh? The other had broken off, leaving his words unfinished. What purpose was that? Had he another thought that had appeared midway? Or had he forgotten what he was just about to say? Or even better, he had realized how wrong he was and had stopped to save himself from the embarrassment. Really, anything he said now was just causing Sakuya to pity him more. Thinking he was winning, he smiled smugly.

That was until the boy before him insisted his behavior was funny once again. He could have easily apologized by now. But no, the boy continued to make a fool of himself by attempting to make a fool of Sakuya. Sakuya knew his behavior hadn’t been humorous, though, or at least he thought he knew. He knew how he was meant to act and he knew that he followed the rules set for him by his father. There couldn’t be another way to behave, otherwise his father wouldn’t have taught him this way. Right?

He pouted again, and then let out a deep sigh. This was getting frustrating to deal with when the other wouldn’t just comply and do whatever he said. That was the way things were meant to work, he was sure. Things were always supposed to go his way. Or… his family’s way. Not really his way, after all, because he couldn’t do as he chose to- but it was his way because he was his family and it was certainly what he wanted! He could only do what he was supposed to do, after all.

"I did not find it funny in any way and find it difficult to understand your thought process in thinking so. You are a noble human, then? Strange, you have no manners to demonstrate your bloodline. Are humans truly that uncivilized that even their nobles behave barbarically? Or do you mean to say that you are of the middle class? Even so, in comparison to myself, you would be a peasant. I might still consider some nobles to be peasants as well. I believed that you would apologize because that is what should be expected of you. It is only the natural response to apologize when one has insulted another, especially one of a higher rank. Although you may not care, I must suggest that you do, given my family’s power and influence. They could easily do something to you, I would think. Or to your family."

As the boy laughed more, the pigeon only frowned. This was so rude and just so inappropriate and not right. He couldn’t stand for it! There was nothing for him to do, though, as it seemed the other would not stop his insulting. Sakuya would simply have to ignore all of the mockery and stay strong and proper as usual. Luckily, this mindset kept him from being phased at any of the other’s comments. He was sure of himself for now, rolling his eyes at the redhead.

"My family’s blood is always of importance. That is obvious."

Did he look Japanese? Yuuya looked Japanese, he thought, but Yuuya was a filthy halfbreed and not truly his brother. Sakuya clearly was French, even though he didn’t use the language as often as his impostor brother did. So, yes, the other had made a very careless and stupid error. As he corrected the boy’s mistake, he smirked.

"I hail from France, actually, as does the Le Bel line. I would think the name on its own is enough to detect its origin. Despite customs being different no matter which state or even region one is in, respect for those higher than you should always be the same. I will teach the lowly locals if they are not familiar with proper addressing of nobles. I am far from the same as any of you human peasants. Your idiocy must know no limits if you are rude enough to suggest that."

Such a dumb boy, and such unbearable laughter. Hopefully, this conversation would end soon and the birdie would be able to return to doing as he pleased. However, he did still believe the other needed to apologize, no matter his feelings on it. But how could he expect that of a boy who couldn’t even tell a pigeon from a human?

"Unfortunately, you’ve already fallen for it. Don’t you see? It’s so obvious, I would think. I have two forms that I am aware of. This terrible, but practical human one is admittedly new to me, but I can already affirm that it is one that I am not comfortable with. My true form, that with which I am used to, is that of a fantail dove, as I have already mentioned. I arrived to this city as a human, though, and upon encountering more of you creatures I thought it best to stay this way. I still do not comprehend why this city is filled with humans, though. Your species died out long ago, I thought, save for a few survivors."

Sakuya sighed, sounding as if this situation were the most tiring and boring thing on Earth to him. And indeed it was. He pushed back a lock of his hair, already annoyed with this one human feature.

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♚ 01. How dare they!


The night air was crisp and refreshing tonight, satisfying enough for the young fantail to go out of his way to take a stroll through the streets of the city. It was entertaining enough for him to simply watch the humans and their interactions with others. Life had been fairly enjoyable so far, fairly normal as well—

“You there! Apologize for your error, peasant!”

Oh dear, this was a surprise indeed; Yuuya hadn’t expected to see his brother any time soon, much less be within a hundred feet of his presence, since Sakuya always insisted on staying far apart from Yuuya as possible. For what reason, he would never know, but he didn’t particularly care! There was only one birdie in the world who was quick enough to react to such minor offenses such as bumping into another civilian, and would call everyone a peasant regardless of who they were. While he knew it was probably a bad thing to, Yuuya couldn’t help himself from laughing at his brother’s overreaction as well as the shocked expression the poor soul who bumped into him wore.

However, Yuuya wasn’t irresponsible enough to let his fantail brother go off like that for so long and cause such a scene, so he gently pushed the Le Bel aside and bowed a little to the victim. “Pardon his attitude sir, you really don’t have to apologize to him, he’s just being unnecessarily irate today. Isn’t that right, Sakuya? Why don’t you apologize for scaring the poor man? And we shall be on our way~”

At the sound of laughter, the aristocrat’s angry expression got even angrier, making him look even more like a complete and utter prick. How dare somebirdie laugh at him! Did they not understand who he was! He was Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane and one does not laugh at a Le Bel if they like their wings attached to their body. … Or wait, was that Iwamine? Didn’t matter, the Le Bel birdie guards would have always taken care of such an offense. But, obviously, he didn’t have his birdie guards with him anymore. He was all alone… and he wasn’t going to beat up somebirdie who laughed at him. He really couldn’t. The pigeon could scold them and get angry at them, though! Sakuya was really good at that!

In the back of his mind, he recognized the laugh, from his childhood, but the memory was so far removed that he refused to try and match it to a face or thought. Soon, he didn’t have to. It seemed the culprit had approached him, only to… push him out of the way. Did they have no sense of respect whatsoever?! Sakuya turned to face them, prepared to glare daggers into their eyes. What met his eyes was even stranger than the rude human he had expected.

It was a human, a male, and he appeared to be older than Sakuya, but only by a little. The male looked very similar to what Sakuya had found his human form to look like, with almost the same hair and eyes, though this boy wore hair clips and glasses, which honestly made him look far less attractive in comparison to the noble pigeon. When the other bowed and began to speak, he was forced to put two and two together.

"… br- Yuuya?"

That human was his brother- … That human was the idiotic halfbreed, Yuuya. The younger boy crossed his arms, annoyed that he had to be here now too. First ignorant peasants and now the worst of them all? Did pigeon-god hate him or something? And further more, how dare Yuuya appear like him! He had to be a fantail, though still a halfbreed, when they were normal, and apparently he had to match as a human as well. This was uncalled for. It might make birdies believe they were actually brothers. Which they weren’t. Obviously. Not even with the similar eyes and hair. They weren’t that similar, idiot!

Some part of Sakuya was actually relieved to have his not-brother here. It was somebirdie he knew and somebirdie he had once known very well. …  No! Yuuya was a filthy traitor and not even a part of the Le Bel line and- having him here was just worse! Just look at the way he was treating Sakuya, as if he were still a child who needed scolding.

Of course, as his not-brother spoke, the heir’s face went into a very childish pout, thoroughly upset and embarrassed by the intervention. This was no way for him to show others he was noble and assertive! If Yuuya walked all over him like this, others might do so too! That pigeon would pay for this…

"That is not right! This man certainly has to apologize for his actions. He was rude to me and frankly, should have apologized without me requesting him to do so. I see absolutely no reason for myself to make amends when I have not done a single thing wrong!"

He looked away, still pouting.

"Leave, Yuuya. I want you out of my sight. Whether you’re human or pigeon, you are still a filthy halfbreed."

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♚ 01. How dare they!


A mistake was exactly what he was making now. One that he wasn’t aware of, facing someone as dangerous as Gasai Yuno.

I’m not the one who wasn’t watching where I was going, she denied, crossing her arms, bright pink hues staring straight into the other’s blue ones. If I am the one lacking manners, than you are at fault, as well. You do not go around calling people peasants. If I were more easily offended, I’d be angry at you, however, I do not care what I am called. However, simply going around calling people that is what normal people would call rude.

Oh? A noble family line, you say. Lack of manners? If someone had manners, it would be Yuno. Trained ever-so-strictly by her adoptive parents, locked in a cage to eat straw whenever she couldn’t please them. Of course, they were dead now, and she was free from that — though it had been too late, and she was already twisted beyond the point of return, never hesitating to take a life for the one she loved. But ah, that was another story altogether.

You act like you are all that, she continued, though her voice was in a sickeningly sweet tone, polite but mocking. But without them, what are you? You’re nothing. Who gave you your family name? Your parents did. Who gave you all this wealth, money, and power? Your parents did. Who gave you those looks that you are so proud of? The genes from your parents did. You see, nothing is truly ever yours and yours alone!“ 

Such a hypocrite this girl was. She held Yukiteru all to herself after all, claimed him to belong to her and nobody else’s; and here she was talking about having nothing. While it was true that the girl certainly did have nothing, she didn’t need anything but Yukiteru, really. 

Not pride nor a parents’ love. Not happiness, but to make the one she loved with all her heart happy. She didn’t want anything for herself, so of course she wouldn’t understand what it was like to be proud of who they were. To desperately want to be someone instead of no one.

Hah! You may not realize it now, but sooner or later, you’ll learn that despite who you are in your world, you are absolutely nobody here. She wouldn’t even question his choice of word for ‘nobody’ or ‘somebody’; everyone here was from some other world anyway, and it wasn’t as if she cared about the way someone else spoke, unless they were clearly mocking Yukiteru; which he wasn’t, obviously, since the boy wasn’t even present at the time and he most likely didn’t even know him. Just you wait and see. Nobody here will recognize you. At least, not the people from your world.

This area is a closed-off zone! There is no way that others will be able to enter unless they were dragged here the same way you were. And even if these.. birds were sent in to fetch you, they’d be trapped in here as well, and eventually killed. There isn’t a way out, unless the scientists are done with you! To them, you are nothing but a lab rat for them to run their experiments on. Twenty-four seven you are watched, even as you tend to your private matters.

You don’t have to believe me now, but you see, you’ll find out as you stay here for a longer amount of time!

Those weird lip things of his went into an angry pout as his brow furrowed at the girl. He could not deal with this insolence and disrespect. All he had asked was simple courtesy, what was expected of her. Actually, Sakuya shouldn’t have had to have asked for it to begin with. She should have known her place and apologized immediately. It was her fault to begin with and it was even more so her fault now that she had not dealt with it properly. Nothing was ever his fault. Unless that is, one asked his father.

Whoever this girl was, she did not know her place. Not in the slightest. All of Sakuya’s behavior had been normal for his social rank, exactly what was expected of him. Hers? It was far from it. The pigeon thought that humans had had similar civilizations and hierarchies before the species died out, but perhaps not. Maybe they were all just rude and blunt cave people like his first judgments said. Even though he realized this girl had not suffered the way the humans before her had, he still thought she was rather dumb in comparison to anybirdie he knew. … Well, maybe not Okosan. That birdie did not know his place either. But- at least he was a bird and not a filthy human! Even if this girl was of a similar status to him, she was human, or so he thought, and so he continued to outrank her due to his being a pigeon. Pigeons were the more powerful species, after all.

The boy cocked his head to the side, his hair flipping slightly in the process.

"Unacceptable! You cannot possibly believe I am at fault here, peasant! You were, of course, in the wrong to begin with and now you have furthered your crimes against me with your rudeness. I behaved properly and as I should."

That tone of hers was disgusting. Just her voice was disgusting, he realized. Why couldn’t humans communicate like pigeons in a civil manner? No, they had to use their weird humans ways that were so less sophisticated when compared to pigeon methods. Sakuya could detect the mocking in her voice and he hated that even more than the sweetness of it. He despised being mocked and feared it greatly. Though, the bird often appeared high and mighty, he was very insecure, especially about his musical talents. Luckily, no one knew about those and no one would ever tease him for them! So, phew.

Her words struck him more than her tone, though. His proud form faltered and he shrank away. He wasn’t supposed to allow words to effect him, but…! Sometimes he admittedly did feel like nothing. His family was his everything, but it wasn’t at all what he wanted. All he wanted was to become a famous pianist someday, and he knew that dream would never become reality. For the rest of his life, the pigeon would have to play a part, essentially destroying himself. In the same moment, he was everything and nothing. Everything that should matter, and nothing that did. She couldn’t possibly understand his troubling trials. She didn’t understand what all of it meant to him and didn’t understand that this wouldn’t completely break him.

Puffing out his chest, he took yet another deep breath and gathered himself again. The Le Bel family… That was all that mattered, now and forever more. It was all that should and it was everything. He represented his family and would always have to if he were to someday be the head of the household. It was a fate he couldn’t deny, predestined to be his since the day he was hatched. Sakuya should be proud… so he would be! Or he would try.

"Filthy commoner, do you truly believe that I do not realize that? Why would anything ever be singularly mine? As a noble, I am my family first and foremost. Everything I do is for the Le Bels, all of my actions reflect upon us. I may have nothing for myself, but in the end of things, I am indeed everything. Everything may not be an individual, but it is so much better than perishing as singular, poor being."

Now confident in himself and his purpose, her comments did nothing to hurt him. He was somebirdie or part of something important, and someday the head of all of it. His family and his rank were all he needed, nothing else. All he had to do was roll his eyes at her and he felt completely fine. Another smirk too. Everything was okay now and Sakuya could act as if every word that came out of her not-beak was the most idiotic thing he had ever heard. That is until she spoke again, of course.

"I am somebirdie, peasant. I need not repeat myself again for your pitiful and childlike mind. You are clearly mistaken with your farfetched theories. You do not know me and cannot possibly understand matters that are far too sophisticated for a human such as yourself."

His confidence stopped itself short when she mentioned that there was absolutely no exit to this hellhole. Sakuya hesitated, not wanting to believe it. If-… if he didn’t want to believe it, he didn’t have to! It was much easier to deny the truth, honestly! Plus, she seemed so untrustworthy so she was probably lying! And jealous too! Because he was going to leave and she wasn’t! That was it! The aristocrat had found a way to satisfy his worries.

… But still. The scientists really did scare him. As did the thought of his father’s bird failing and dying. Not that he cared for them at all, but the thought of things not going perfectly and his way? Well, that was unacceptable!

"I… I will not be staying here for long, despite what you say. I am sure that you are mistaken as you are in most things you do. My father’s birdie guards are the best in the world, after all. They will have no trouble in locating and rescuing me."

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♚ 01. How dare they!


[ Once before, the random thought of what would happen if some sort of royalty came to be forced to live in the city had crossed Red’s mind and he could only ever conclude that it would not end well at all. It wouldn’t surprise him at all if royalty was already in the city, and he supposed he was rather thankful that he hadn’t ran into such a person quite yet, because in all honesty, he wouldn’t be all that glad to put up with their, um, complaining. ]

[ Red didn’t really believe in luck too much, but this was what would definitely be called bad luck. Running into people seemed to happen much too often in the city, a whole lot more than he would like; it only figured that he would accidentally bump shoulders with someone with a personality he’d prefer to avoid. He was pretty accepting of pretty much everyone, but stuck-up people he couldn’t stand, seriously — ]

You there! Apologize for your error, peasant!

[ Oh dear. Oh no. Why him. ]

[ He’d just been about to mutter an apology before being on his way, but at that, he fully turned to face the other, very slightly raising an eyebrow. Pikachu didn’t seem to express any particular emotion towards Sakuya as of right now, which was good. He didn’t need anybirdie — excuse me, anybody getting electrocuted by what everyone else thought was a strange electric mouse thing. ]

[ It also wouldn’t surprise Red if the tone of voice Sakuya took wasn’t just because of his personality, but also because of frustration with his current situation. Even if, right off the bat, Sakuya didn’t seem like someone Red would like too much, he wouldn’t deny him any sort of help with figuring things out. ]

I… Yes, sorry.

… …You don’t happen to… be new here, do you?

Taking a moment to analyze the culprit now that they had faced him, Sakuya glanced upon the boy with a judgmental eye. He was probably around the same age or so. It was hard to tell with humans, he thought. What-… what was that thing with him? Some sort of rodent, but Sakuya couldn’t recall seeing one like that in his text books. Rodents hadn’t risen to power the same way birds had and so, they were still treated like pesky vermin. The aristocrat did not care for them in the slightest, in fact, he didn’t like most animals other than his own breed. They were all peasants, after all. That was what he had been taught.

He crossed his arms, waiting expectantly for the other to apologize. When the boy did, he rolled his eyes. A simple sorry? And with such hesitation? One couldn’t expect much out of peasant humans, he guessed. They did have such infantile minds, not ready to comprehend things pigeons could. This one was ruder than Hiyoko, though. At least that girl was quick to come up with an answer and certain as she said it. … Of course, he didn’t notice that about her because why would he? She was commoner and did not matter to him in the slightest.

About to scoff in response, he was caught off guard by the human’s question. He wondered if his behavior entailed such a thought, if one could easily tell he had recently arrived here just in looking at his face. That would be weak of him, and it would be exposing himself as vulnerable. His father would not like that at all… Or maybe, perhaps, just possibly, Sakuya’s personality was so amazing and he was so breathtaking that the boy knew he would have never forgotten meeting such a bird! And so the only conclusion was that this bird was new! Yes, that had to be it! What else could it be? Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane was not a weak bird. He was an heir to an empire! Something close to that, at least. He would someday be the head of his family and so he had had to act as such from his hatching. And it showed. You would not see this birdie looking like a cowardly peasant. Hopefully.

As to look bored and uninterested in the boy’s tedious affairs, Sakuya looked off to the side with a tired expression. One could never express even the slightest interest in a peasant. It could make them feel or seem important to have his respect. They were meant to respect and honor him, not the other way around. He sighed and rolled his eyes, meaning to show that he did not find the question surprising but rather bothersome.

"I have arrived here recently, yes. But do not fret, peasant, I will be leaving here soon."

The current head of the Le Bel family would be here any minute, he knew it! Not him, actually, but his workers. Sakuya knew his dad wouldn’t bother to come to this place merely to bring him back to his rightful duties. His father had much more important matters. The young pigeon was actually glad he would not have to see him, though, for in a way he resented him, but he hid that feeling far down as to have it never come up. To hate his father was to hate his family, and to hate his family was to hate himself. Perhaps, he already did, though.

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♚ 01. How dare they!


Well, his thoughts were right. This place was as boring as he thought it would be. It was just like any other city, filled with annoying people that brush by you like you’re not even there, and even louder, more annoying cars that obviously don’t know how to drive right. Being from Japan, he was used to the people; but not all these cars.

“Tch,” he let out in annoyance, jumping back from the curb as a car sped forward when he was about to cross. “I hate this place. Didn’t they see me?!” He huffed. Obviously they didn’t know who he was. Then again, if he was trash there, he might be trash here. But how were all of them supposed to know that? Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he tried crossing the street again when the cars stopped coming, and safely reached the other side lined with shops and banks and various other places. Boring, boring, and more boring. He spun around on his heel, glancing down the line of stores and groups of people walking the opposite way as him as he continued down the street heading backwards. In a drawl, he spoke out; “Clothing, drinks, more clothing, a bank… nothing worth while going to if I don’t have—”

You there!” …. Heh?

Aoi turned, realizing last minute that he had run into someone. And it wasn’t just anyone, apparently. He blinked at the boy’s face, slowly taking in his expression, his choice of clothing, and the words he just spoke to him. And a mere second later, his own face twisted into a grin he couldn’t control as he burst out laughing.

“Haha! Peasant? Me? Don’t be stupid!” He laughed for another moment or so before they calmed into little giggles, which he tried to wave away with his hand as he spoke again. “Hah, that was funny ~ I’m not a peasant. And I can walk into whoever I want so I don’t need to apologize.” Some weirdo definitely wasn’t going to order around Kano Aoi.

A slow smirk stretched across his face next as he leaned a little closer to the boy, an amused glint in his eyes. “Besides, you weren’t left with any money either, were you? They took it away, didn’t they? So what makes you any different from them? You’re a peasant, too.”

A blink of the other’s eyes and Sakuya was certain this human would apologize for his mistake. He would realize what he had done wrong and make up for it. It was taking him some time to take everything in because he had to find exactly the right words that would not offend the great Le Bel heir, of course.

Or not. The human was actually laughing at him. Laughing. How foolish could he be? Did he not realize at all who he was speaking with? Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane. To laugh at him was to laugh at his entire family, to disrespect one of the most powerful families in the world. He was practically royalty. Or close enough, he thought. This behavior was completely uncalled for in the presence of a noble. Only an idiot would behave in such a manner. It was outright rude and not even acceptable for a peasant. The boy certainly owed him an apology now. To make up for this, he might even have to give up his first born child or something. Oh, wait, Sakuya’s a pigeon, not Rumpelstiltskin. Never mind.

Still, this was outrageous and Sakuya could not stand for this. His brow furrowed deeply. Clearly upset, his mouth soon matched, going into an angry pout. He was not used to being treated this way. Sure, some other birds may have teased him slightly or insisted that he act like the rest of them, but outright mockery? Never. One would never engage in such activities if they enjoyed living. The Le Bel family had birdie guards, along with maids and butlers. They wouldn’t stand to be hurt, verbally or physically.

… Actually, Sakuya thought if his father knew he was being hurt by words, he would be scolded for allowing peasants to effect him in such a manner. If another family said something about theirs when he was head one day, what would he do? Cry about it and flap his wings sadly? No, that wouldn’t do. He would have to stand up for the Le Bel family, obviously. That was to be his job one day, no matter how much he wanted to escape it and become a pianist.

Despite hearing his father’s voice in his head, Sakuya still wasn’t that good at standing up for himself in a respectable and courageous way. He was a coward sometimes, hiding behind that arrogant front. His life before had been so isolated and perfect that this situation scared him greatly. He clenched his fists, and did his best to protect the family name.

"If you’re human, you are surely a peasant. Unless that is, you are considered noble in this city? Even so, I am still likely of a higher rank than you. I suppose if you are not respectful then you need not to apologize for your actions, but I highly suggest you do. I deserve your respect, you see. If I may ask, why were you laughing? Do you mean to dishonor my family? I do not appreciate that."

Being fake was a talent of his. Over time, this arrogance had simply become him that maybe all the insecurities from the past were crushed. At least, that was how he tried to appear, as his father wanted him to. HIs life was his family’s, not his own, and so his face was that of his family’s. More than ever, it felt like such a mask. Sakuya himself was different than this snooty pigeon who didn’t care, but it was so much easier to not care and to not feel. One didn’t get hurt that way.

As the other leaned closer, he leaned farther away, not wanting to be close to the filthy commoner at all. Being close was being intimate and just… not okay! Personal space was very important to this pigeon, okay? And basically all space was his space so everybirdie else just had to leave! That would definitely work.

Embarrassed that he knew the boy was right, Sakuya looked away, frowning ever so slightly. In this city, he was nobirdie. No, he was still somebirdie. Just somebirdie with no money. But those last words! They were the most untruthful thing he had heard in his entire short pigeon life! He put a hand to his hip, glaring angrily.

"How dare you imply such a thing! I may not possess my family’s money at this moment, but I have not been disowned. My money does not set me apart from you peasants. It is my noble blood, which is apparent even in this form."

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♔ anybirdie there?


The sun was beginning to slowly dip below the city skyline, bathing the streets in shadows as the streetlights began to flicker on one after another. This was all pretty normal in itself… although the young girl tracing her way through the unfamiliar territory couldn’t help but be on edge. Hiyoko Tousaka hadn’t been sure what to make of it, when she’d woken up staring at a crisp white ceiling. The first thing to pass through her bleary mind was wondering how she’d managed to fall asleep in the infirmary, slowly realizing as consciousness returned that; a) she hadn’t visited the infirmary that day and b) her last memories were of falling asleep in her own cozy home. Sitting up quickly, the student had only swung her legs over the side of the table when a screen flickered to life…

Hello! You’re probably wondering what’s going on, so allow me to fill you in!

Pausing under a streetlight, Hiyoko took a moment to pursue her surroundings—this place looked like any other city, but the majority of the things that had been said on that video in the white room had her hunter gatherer instincts on red alert. She couldn’t see anybirdie she knew amidst the slowly thinning crowds… aaah, it was getting late, wasn’t it? People should be returning home around now.

Hands on hips, the girl wondered if it would be possible to find a nice cave in this place. It had taken her so long to make her home sweet home what it was, and even if it wasn’t exactly perfect… it was her home. She sincerely hoped no one would disrupt it while she was gone—as much as she loved her abode, it wasn’t exactly high security. What would she do if she couldn’t find a temporary replacement here, though?  And what about the weird letters and numbers she’d been given? Folding her arms, the brunette took a moment to consider her options…

Stuck in a strange place with nobirdie she knew, supposedly now part of some kind of social experiment and with no way to get home. Really, Hiyoko counted herself as a rather adaptable person, but this was a bit out of her depth. Eyes glanced up as the light above her flickered, emitting a low buzz as she began to walk again. A hotel would be an option most people would consider when stranded for the night in a strange city, but all she had was the change and lint lining her uniform pockets. As situations went, it was far from ideal.

Not that her home situation was much better, but when had she ever considered that a problem?

As much as those trusted hunter instincts of hers were telling her to stay on guard… it couldn’t hurt to ask for help, right? They did say you could make friends in the most unlikely of places, and this was about as unlikely as they came! Not to mention that she was all too happy to meet new friends—

Previous stress quickly melting from her youthful face, Hiyoko smiled and tried to catch the attention of a close passerby.

“Excuse me! Could you tell me where the nearest cave is?”

Having had some not so pleasant encounters in this city so far, Sakuya was attempting to find his apartment now. He strutted through the streets, even in this time of despair he was his usual arrogant self. One couldn’t let their guard down ever. They couldn’t show weakness or insecurity, anything that made them vulnerable to any sort of attack or failure. That was how one became perfect or so he had been taught. Perfect for the Le Bel family, maybe, but Sakuya couldn’t help feel not worthy or simply not right in a way. His father had never embraced what filled with Sakuya with joy, or what actually made the pigeon himself. Right. He couldn’t be an individual. Forever and always he was meant to represent his family and a slip-up meant failure.

A deep breath. Wow, he was doing a lot of deep breathing today. Maybe he was practicing for some type of pigeon yoga? No, that was ridiculous. He was a cheerleader, silly! Actually, this whole experience was taking a big toll on Sakuya’s confidence. So many people today had said he was nobirdie. Nobirdie at all. The little voice in his mind argued that he was somebirdie indeed! He was Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane, wasn’t he? Or… he was meant to be. Such a big name, with even bigger expectations. All of it became a heavy weight that he carried with him as he tried to keep whatever remainder of his “right” self he had left. If he broke down or something, … imagine how disgraceful that would be! His father might disown him if he expressed his vulnerability in such a manner.

His deep thoughts were interrupted by a voice. Oh? And it sounded familiar. Sakuya turned around, ready to yell at the human for disturbing him when he was thinking and for calling out to him in such a casual and rude manner.

… It was her. Hiyoko Tousaka. That human girl from his class. Well. She must be comfortable here. Her kind was in power and plentiful, far different from the world they both knew as home. Lucky her. Sakuya continued with his regular actions and rolled his eyes at her.

Yes, he was jealous of her. Would he admit it? Never. The girl looked so happy as usual, when Sakuya himself was drowning in despair. How dare she be happy when he was upset! It was so rude of her and here she was treating him like one of them. Now he had even more reason to be jealous of Hiyoko. This situation wasn’t a bad one for her as it was for him. In fact, he thought she could be happier here than in a pigeon ruled society. Not that he wanted her to be. Her happiness did not matter at all to him for it did not matter to the Le Bel family.

Looking skeptical when she mentioned the word “cave,” he raised an eyebrow at her. She was poor, of course, but really? Had she not realized they had apartments here? The apartments had to be nice too if Sakuya was given one. Those scientists wouldn’t dare give a Le Bel a less than five star place to stay. Oh, yes, she was a human, he almost forgot. Hiyoko had been a familiar face that he had treated her like a pigeon. Clearly if she were human she’d live somewhere such as a cave and he couldn’t possibly expect a human to understand things like apartments. Especially a commoner human. .. wait, were there noble humans? No, that was unthinkable since humans didn’t even look as noble as pigeons.

"I do take your social rank into consideration, Hiyoko, but I believe the apartments do take in even peasants? I wish they didn’t, obviously, but it seems as though everybirdie is staying in one and I assume you shall do so as well."

He flipped a small piece of his hair out of his face. It hadn’t even occurred to him that the hunter-gatherer might not recognize him in this form. If she didn’t at first, it would be obvious after a few seconds. She couldn’t be that dumb as to not recognize his aristocratic aura, correct? Or so he thought, at least.

"If you switch your quest to locating your apartment building, I’m afraid I still cannot assist you. I have no time to waste on you, peasant."

♚ 01. How dare they!


Daryl was exploring… Trying to figure out his environment. 

Sector 1 had already proven to be confusing.. It felt as though he passed the same building more then once. Strange. Ah well.. Now it seemed he was in another area altogether. Sector 2 perhaps? Who knew… He just knew it was filthy. 


A sigh escaped him as he stepped over a puddle of… Something.

“What a pain.” 

Oh but wait… What if this place was..? Was there some sort of gas in the air? Oh God what if there was?! What if it was poisonous!? The people here.. They were probably infected with something.. OhGodohGodohGod.. A hand over his mouth now, to filter out any disease, he rushed back the way he came. At least Sector 1 seemed clean enough. This place was just…! Ugh!

Now normally he’s rather careful, not touching anyone as he weaved his way through the area.. That was until..


Daryl stumbled a little, a gasp escaping him upon impact. It was just a shoulder bump but…

He was furious.

“You there!”

The young officer turned to face his assailant, a fist clenched. “Peasant..?” More importantly.. Error? How were his actions wrong in anyway? He was merely trying to get out of this diseased area. 

”.. Who do you think you’re talking to?..”

A short laugh escaped him as he closed the space between the two of them, no touching of course.. Just close enough to seem somewhat threatening. His look of disgust disappeared for the time being, an innocent smile playing across his expression in it’s place.

“You wanna run that by me again? I didn’t quite hear you before..”

Crossing his arms, Sakuya looked away in disgust from the ugly creature. Humans were such rude idiots. The sooner his father could take him away from this dreadful place the better. It wouldn’t be that long anyways, right? He would be out of here soon and he would be safe and not arguing with humans who didn’t understand how inferior they were.

A fist? Did they really need to get violent now? How typical of a hunter-gatherer. Such primitive creatures… It was rather pathetic, even. He pitied the humans in this city.

Admittedly, he did feel a bit threatened by the human’s fist. Sakuya wasn’t one for physical activities, let alone ones that required effort. Back home, he had had body guards to protect him and nobirdie dared to bully a pigeon of the Le Bel family. Now he was alone and the thought scared him.

There was no reason to be scared, he reminded himself. His father would be here and he would bring the young boy home. Yes, home, that nice mansion was so much better than here. Sakuya would be back there in a second, just wait! Surely, his father would notice his heir’s absence and immediately send out search parties. Their family’s birds were too good to not find him!

So, he ignored any frightened feelings he was feeling and held his tail feathers even higher. Or head. Whatever it was humans held high. His snootiness was still at super high levels. He tilted his head, definitely head, smirking.

"I believe I am speaking with a commoner, of course. Most are common compared to myself, after all."

… Personal bubble popped. This was not good. This was not good at all! Sakuya took several deep breaths, very uncomfortable with the small distance between them. The pigeon hated touching others which was why he had made such a fuss to begin with. Most certainly, he hated being close to others. And it was a peasant! A human peasant! How utterly revolting. Did they have no comprehension of basic social skills at all?

If he had his wings right now, he’d probably fly away. But no.. that would make him appear weak. The head of a family could never be weak! Yet… here Sakuya was, backing away from the man and trembling just ever so slightly if one were to pay that much attention to him. Really, this was a dangerous situation so he was responding correctly. If he did get hurt, the Le Bel family would get hurt in turn. He ought to protect himself and be cautious.

Sakuya hesitated now, attempting to gather his false courage, but failing the first few tries. He took another deep breath and rolled his eyes. He was Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane. This man was just a commoner. He could turn into a bird and fly away if danger presented itself. It wouldn’t be weak if he was thinking of his family’s future.

"Fine, I shall repeat my words for you, peasant. I asked that you apologize for your behavior. You did manage to collide with me ever so slightly, you realize. It would be exceedingly rude not to make amends, would you not agree?"

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